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The power of white space – the superpower you never knew you had!

White space - the superpower you never knew you had!

Change your perception of white space

Whether you’re using Word, PowerPoint or Canva think of white space as your superpower.

If content is king, then white space is the jewel in your crown.

White space (known in my world as negative space) does not mean that you have random gaps all over your work. It’s a considered space that may be white, a colour or even an image and it’s there to enhance the experience of your reader by providing balance and air to your content.

5 reasons why white space will give your content a lift and boost your engagement:

  1. Pacea good layout with regular, recurrent spaces after paragraphs and sections gives your document a rhythm – your reader will quickly understand the structure of your content and get into the flow of it easily.
  2. Scanyour clients and suppliers are busy, white space gives them the ability to quickly scan your content – if it looks easy-to-read they will give you their valuable time and read it.
  3. Focuswhite space focuses your readers’ attention – there’s less to look at and it enables them to pick out your important key messages.
  4. Breatheuse a decent margin around the edge of your page, this gives your reader time to take in important information like your Call to Action.
  5. Convertonce you’ve applied a sensible use of white space and your customer is busy reading your amazing content, they are also developing trust in you and your business. This is because they are finding your document easy-to-read due to the space you’ve given to your content. This trust converts your content because they will feel more confident to purchase your services or products.

Remember: white space is not an empty space, it’s space with a purpose!

Don’t fight it, embrace it

Why not try adding some white space next time you write? Whether it’s a social media post, an email, an article or a proposal – you’ll see a massive difference.

The next time your designer gives you a document with white space, embrace it and know that it’s one of the best things they could have given you.

I hope this article has shown you how powerful white space can be.

White space - the superpower you never knew you had!

Now go forth and make the most of your new superpower!

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