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7 tips on choosing your perfect-fit graphic designer for you and your business

How to find your perfect fit graphic designer

It’s time to get your business looking professional and you need a graphic designer to ensure your brochures, leaflets, merchandise, socials, website etc are all looking spot on.

But how on earth do you go about finding the right designer for you?

Written by Helen Kirkby

Here’s 7 tips to get you started


Recommendations & reviews

The best place to start is to use your network and ask for recommendations. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential designers it’s time for you to do some research – check out Google ratings, LinkedIn reviews and testimonials on their website – are they positive, do they ring true?



Graphic design is visual, and this means it’s easy for you to check out a designer’s work. We all have different styles, and each style is suited to different types of businesses and applications.

Dig into the portfolio pages on the designers website – do you like what you see?


Have a conversation

It sounds obvious, but you need to chat to your potential designer and not go solely by what you’ve found online. Being a client is a demanding role (as is being a graphic designer) and it’s important that you have a good connection with your designer so that you can both openly and honestly communicate throughout the project.

When you meet/chat – do you get on and have a good rapport?



It’s hard for designers to put prices on their website because each job is very different. That’s why point 3 (above) is so important – have a conversation and don’t be too shy to ask how much! You may only get a rough figure in the first instance before the brief is firmed up, but at least you’ll gain some clarity around whether the designer can work within your budget.

And it goes without saying – you get what you pay for!


The brief

Once you’ve found your designer the hard work begins. You need to brief them thoroughly – the result is only as good as your initial brief. You need to think carefully about what you’re asking for, why you want it and what you want to achieve.

Many designers have a briefing document that will guide you through this part of the process. This will ensure it’s clear what you’re asking for.

You can find my briefing document here: Design Brief Questionnaire.


The process

Ensure you understand how the process will work and that the designer can meet your deadline.

Throughout the job communication will be key to keeping you both on the same wavelength. Email is great but sometimes it can be misleading. Consider making a phone call to clarify what you’re asking and follow that up with an email to confirm. This will ensure a smooth process.


Recommendations & reviews

Yes, I know this is point number 1!

It’s a life cycle for all of our businesses – you found your perfect-fit designer through a recommendation or a review – so to complete the cycle, you’d make your designer very happy if you gave them a review – that way others can benefit from your experience.

It will only take a few minutes, but the value to your trusted designer is immense.

It’s not easy working on marketing materials for your business, so taking the time to get your perfect-fit designer will pay dividends in the long run.

Why not check out my portfolio and see if you think I could be a good fit for you: HKgraphics portfolio, and of course, speak to me – I promise not to bite.

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