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Put it in print – why you should still consider print in a digital age

Put it in Print

In this digital age where everything is either on your phone or your computer, Fine Art Photographer, Graham Saxby, explains why we shouldn’t ignore print.


Written by Graham Saxby, Fine Art Photographer


Confession time

I confess I am addicted to printing. I am a photographer and for me a well-produced print is an essential part of the photographic process. Online galleries, social media and digital displays are all well and good, but nothing beats seeing a beautiful image in print.

The same can be said of your company’s marketing materials. Online is great for getting leads and marketing, but you’re missing opportunities to get your message across to potential clients if the internet is your only medium for conveying your message.


Get your message in your customers hands

Printed material is ‘concrete’. It exists. It’s not wafting about in some virtual reality to be lost when your phone or computer crashes.

To me the most important reason to print is that it’s tangible. Printed material can be touched. It can be held, it has weight, and engages us in a way that an image on a screen can’t. In my wildlife and landscape photography the texture of the paper that I print on gives an almost three-dimensional look to the print. Something that I find missing on a digital display.

You may feel a business card is old-hat as you can easily share your contact details via LinkedIn etc; but people still pick up business cards, leaflets and brochures from events – it enables them to connect with you and gives them a real sense of the quality of your product of service. Add a QR code and they can access your online presence in a flash too – killing two birds with one stone.


Think outside the box

Print your message and display it – whether it’s on paper, bamboo, glass, recycled cotton or whatever medium you choose – get it out there!

Branding and information on printed material can be on a whole range of media:

  • Think flags in the wind
  • Think signage at your premises
  • Think magnetic stickers on your van
  • Think window decals
  • Think murals – Banksy for example
  • Think branded merchandise
  • The sky’s the limit…

The power of touch

We all have so much stored on our phones that having printed material has become almost novel.

Having a printed card gives your potential clients a triple whammy. They hold it in their hand which is subliminal acceptance, even ownership of the item. It’s almost like checking the online box to sign up. But better than that, it’s permanent for a while, it has weight, it has texture, it has smell. They can feel your message, they can see it and you’ve given them multiple ways to connect with you.

Plus, if you’ve taken the time to produced something beautiful on stock that feels amazing, they’re more likely to keep it handy – a constant reminder of your business.

Just think of the cards you collect in an airport or department store that have perfume sprayed on them – you pop it in your pocket and experience the scent all day – it engages all your five senses. That is such a powerful experience for a potential customer.

It is often said in marketing that your name needs to be seen 7 times before a client makes a purchase. With a printed card or flyer in their hand those 7 times can be within the space of a few minutes.

Never underestimate the power of a quality, printed item.

Get your message in people’s hands

If you’ve not considered print or your marketing materials need a refresh, why not contact a graphic designer, and get something designed and printed to take your business forward.

Graham Saxby is a fine art photographer specialising in wildlife and travel, you can view is collection of prints at