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Case Study

Collaborating with marketers creates the perfect start point

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The client

Casa Marketing offers tailored marketing for businesses with ambition. Run by Carina Leney, she builds marketing strategies, plans, brand development, social media and product/service propositions.

The brief

Working on an adhoc basis to support Carina through brand development for her clients.


I first met Carina through my husband, and we hit if off immediately. We’re local to one another, have similar interests, youngish children and a desire to help businesses develop and succeed.

Collaborating with Carina is a dream, she provides clear briefs with professionally researched analysis and obviously great marketing plans ready to implement. The beauty of this is that after we’ve had our kick-off meeting, I can hit the ground running when answering her brief.

Great benefits for the client

The client gets the best of both worlds with this collaboration – all of Carina’s expertise and a good dash of mine, means the new brand is spot on and ready for speedy implementation across all marketing channels. The process is quick, smooth, efficient and therefore cost-effective.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to benefit from mine and Carina’s experience and great collaboration, then why not get in contact – we’re the perfect combo to get your brand and marketing on track and working for you.

She’s a real asset

Having worked with Helen on a couple of projects it quickly became clear she was going to be a trusted 'go to' when it came to brand design for my clients. It is so easy working with Helen as I know I am going to get well thought out and creatively inspired designs that I know my clients will love - and they do! She is a real asset to my Little Black Book of trusted partners.

Carina Leney
Casa Marketing