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Show you care about your business with your branding


How do you show your business you care – and why does it matter?

Well, why would your customers care about your business if they don’t think you do? 

Can your customers feel the love when they look at your company?

How do your website and social media posts show you love your business? 

Have a look through the leaflets and brochures you give out to potential customers. Do they really show you care? 

Your brand is the face of your company – it’s the first impression that lingers in the minds of your customers.

Loving your business – and showing it

Can you imagine not looking after your business? Of course not! You nurture and love your business every day. But is it enough?

Here’s what showing a little love can do for your business:

😀  A logo refresh that expresses the real you will help you resonate with your target audience

📣 Establishing brand colours will help you stand out and be recognised online

👌 Finding the right fonts that reflect your business will reinforce what you stand for

Show your business some love will help your customers love you too. Because when your brand shines, it makes it much easier for people to:

💕 Like your posts

💕 Share your posts

💕 Tag a friend

💕 Comment

💕 Leave a positive review

Brand consistency builds trust – it makes your customers feel secure in their decision to choose your business.

3 tips for refreshing your branding

Look at businesses you admire for their branding. What speaks to you? What tells you immediately it’s that particular company? What shows love?

Now apply those thoughts to your own business:

1. Look at your logo

Did you design your logo yourself in a hurry, or get a bargain-basement logo designer to do it for you? Maybe you just needed something that worked while you launched your business. It was great at the time, and it served its purpose. But now your business is growing and it’s really not hitting the mark anymore.

Is it time to step it up a notch? A few tweaks by a professional designer can make all the difference.

Logo before and after

2. What are your brand colours?

Do you know what your brand colours are? Can people tell it’s you straightaway, just from a glance? Have a think about how you tie together your logo and the colour palette you use on your website, social media, marketing materials – even your emails.

If your messaging is confusing visually, you’re making it harder for people to connect emotionally with your brand. Make sure you’ve got a defined colour palette and that you apply it consistently throughout your marketing.

Charlotte Wise Social Media Graphics

3. What do your fonts say about you?

As well as your logo and colours, the fonts you use speak volumes. If you’re not consistently using the same fonts, you’re missing an important branding tool. Maybe you use the default font on your website and the default fonts Canva gives you – which can be different every time.

Fonts are another visual clue to your business and what it stands for, so make sure you pick one or two that represent you – and use them consistently. Using a jaunty font one day and a gothic one another won’t help you build connection with your audience. Staying consistent and reflecting your business personality will.

Font samples

Love your business by embracing your brand!

By investing in your brand and marketing materials you’re giving your business a strong foundation from which to grow.

I offer the flexibility for you to use as little or as much of me as you need in your branding journey. Think of me as your in-house designer – just like another member of your team (but without the HR headache).

Are you ready to start loving your business again? Get in touch and we can see how we can reignite that spark!