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The power of using your logo and brand consistently – your secret weapon

Ensuring your business stands out, looks professional, reliable, and trustworthy is vital to your success.

So what is it that attracts customers to engage and ultimately purchase from your products or services?

It’s a combination of many things – your reputation, your products, your services, your USP, your marketing materials, your website, your social media, your tone of voice etc.

But what do all these things need to tie them together?

CONSISTENCY! It’s your secret weapon to getting the edge on your competitors.

What do I mean by consistency?

I’m talking about brand consistency – ensuring that the way you present your business is visually consistent across all your marketing channels, not only for your customers, but also for your stakeholders.

Imagine a customer visiting your website and then clicking onto your social media page – does your header banner match your website and does this theme follow through to your social posts, leaflets, and downloads etc?

WARNING! If you’re not looking consistent, you’re in dangerous territory and risk losing customers.

Where should you be aiming for consistency?

Think about where you promote your business and where you show up for your customers:

    • websites
    • social media
    • email footers
    • stationery
    • shop fronts
    • vehicles
    • brochures
    • postcards
    • products
    • banners
    • clothing
    • the list goes on…

    When customers see you in any of these places ensure you are using the same logo, colours, fonts and imagery style. This makes customers feel confident in your ability to provide your products or services professionally.

    5 quick wins on achieving brand consistency

    Use your logo

    Use your logo everywhere

    In the same position and orientation if possible

    Use your brand colours

    Use your brand colours

    If you have many colours, use them selectively

    Use similar imagery style

    Use imagery that’s of a similar style

    Using a professional photographer will pay dividends

    Use branded Canva templates

    Use branded Canva templates for social media posts

    This gives you an effortless route to consistency

    Use brand guidelines

    Use your brand guidelines

    This is your bible and will have all your logos, colours and fonts detailed

    Think you don’t have a brand?

    You may be thinking that your business is just you and you don’t have a brand (or need one) – but you’d be wrong!

    You’ll have colour preferences, favourite fonts, or images that you regularly use – these are the beginnings of your brand, so use them consistently.

    Consistency Creates Credibility
    The power of visual consistency is incredible and makes you credible!

    Using your brand consistently is not a dark art, start simply and build up slowly. Before you know it, you’ll have a fabulous matching set of communications to be proud of and that your customers can be confident in.

    Why not download my handy Branding Health Checklist to help you asses how consistent you’re being with your brand – it will help you see the areas you need to focus on.

    If you don’t have a logo or brand it would be prudent to start looking for a graphic designer to help you develop one to ensure you look professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Check out my blog about how to choose your perfect-fit graphic designer for some top tips.

    And if you’d like to chat about how to improve your brand consistency, then why not get in touch with me: